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Nuts & Bolts For California Tort Law: A quick over view of claims against public entities

INTRODUCTION For most of our nation’s history, sovereign immunity protected the federal and state governments and their employees from being sued. However, as our nation evolved, so did our attitude toward holding the government more accountable for its misdeeds. In 1946, the federal government passed the Federal Tort Claims Act waiving sovereign immunity and allowing suits against the federal government in limited actions. Many states, including California, soon followed. In 1963, the California Legislature adopted the California Claims Act (“CCA”)
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5 Tips To Avoid A Crash: When In Rain

Rain can make it difficult to stay on the roadway, to stop, or every driver’s worst nightmare to avoid a crash! According to the California Highway Patrol, auto accidents increase by over 203% in the rain. This is especially true at the beginning of a rainstorm when roads are dry. When it rains debris like oil, gasoline, and dirt rise on the surface and create a greasy road surface often resulting in slippery roads. We have put together 5 easy
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