Animal Attacks

With many dog owners living in Southern California, it isn’t a surprise that dog bites are the most common types of animal attacks to occur. Many times people will need the help of a medical professional after getting a dog bite. Although we tend to view dogs as friendly, loyal animals, they still can cause great harm. Dog bites can leave permanent scars and even cause pain for the rest of one’s life in extreme cases. Regardless of if the dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past or not, the owner is still responsible for the pet’s behavior.

The pet owner being fully responsible for the dog’s vicious behavior, unless the pet was provoked or harassed in some way by the victim. If the victim can prove he or she was bitten by the dog without having provoked the mean behavior, they will likely be compensated for their injury. If the victim has been mean to the dog or has teased the dog, he or she may be exempt from receiving compensation. The owner’s failure to control their pet can be considered grounds for negligence.

A dog owner can be held liable in the event of an attack in one of three ways:

  1. Dog-bite statute: Dog attacked without being provoked by victim (including taunting, attacking, trespassing, or committing a felony)
  2. One-bite rule: If the owner was aware that the attack was possible
  3. Negligence: the owner’s carelessness in preventing the attack

Even if you know the dog’s owner or have spoken with them before doesn’t mean you should just let it slide. Your injuries could potentially be worse than you imagine or cause other complications down the road. Make sure that you speak to an attorney who is experienced in handling dog bite cases to get you the compensation you deserve for your personal injury claim.

Steps You Should Take if You Are A Victim Of A Dog Bite (Animal Attacks)

  1. Immediately seek help from a medical professional even if you feel like the dog bite injury is not very serious and feel that it is unnecessary to seek medical attention. The injury could get more serious with time and even become infected. If you can get to your physician, have him or her take a look at your bite. If not go to the emergency room if needed. This way you can have proper evidence and documentation of the injury for the insurance company.
  2. Dial the number to the nearest animal control. Even though the dog owner are required to make this call, sometimes they may neglect to do so. Make sure that you double check by calling in yourself to make sure that the dog that has bitten you does not have rabies.
  3. Take pictures of the wound. If you are well enough to take pictures you should make sure you document the physical wound as well as the place of occurrence. If you file a claim later on you’ll thank yourself for having pictures to serve as evidence.
  4. Gather as much information as you can. Try to get names and addresses of those who were around to witness the dog bite.
  5. Contact a lawyer at Roshanzamir Law immediately to discuss the value of your claim.

Speak to Our Attorney about a Animal Attacks

You deserve full compensation for the emotional and physical damages you have experienced from a dog bite. Make sure you have a team of lawyers who are fully committed to building up your case and able to understand the ways of getting proper compensation for you. We want to make sure that we can study your case in depth to make sure that you won’t have to fight for your right to compensation alone. Our firm offers a free case evaluation where we will answer all your questions and discuss your legal options. Call us at (619) 320-1005 or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation.