Recent Results

Traumatic Brain Injury ($3,000,000):

The case involved a young man and his wife who had entered a Lowe’s store in San Diego back in January 2013 to purchase a pergola (gazebo) for their home. The store required the customer to disassemble the floor model, which came apart and struck him in the head, causing a mild traumatic brain injury. A team was assembled to prove the how the store violated its own policies, and took extreme risk with customer safety, causing serious injuries to the young man that was our client. The team’s attention to detail and hard work resulted in a $3 million settlement after one hour of mediation, several months before trial.

Orthopedic Injury ($925,000):

Our client was a freshman student in physical education class at a local high school. During P.E. class, the teacher failed to adequately instruct and supervise his students, causing our client to suffer a spinal fracture while using a seated leg press weight machine. The school defendants claimed that our client was 100% at fault, an experienced weight lifter, and failed to follow the teacher’s instructions. We were able to show that the teacher used class time to perform his personal work outs, and failed to adequately instruct and supervise students. The school also claimed that our client had a pre-existing medical condition, and that he should not require any future care. The individualized care and attention to the complex details of this case and using highly trained experts, we defeated the frivolous defense arguments and proved our client’s injuries were a direct result of the school’s negligence.

Cervical Injury ($538,750):

Our client was a single mother, who was on her way home when she was rear ended by a taxi cab driver. The Cab driver was 100% at fault for the crash. But instead of accepting responsibility, he lied to our client and gave her fake insurance information. By the time our client found Roshanzamir Law, the Taxi Cab driver was nowhere to be found. Later we learned, he had moved back to his home country in Congo. The crash resulted in a spinal injury in our client’s neck and she required a surgery. We helped her find a good neurosurgeon that she trusted. She was given the surgery she needed. And we were able to still recover for the physical harm and suffering she had endured by suing the Cab Company that had employed the reckless Cab Driver. A few months before trial, the Taxi Cab Company paid our client $538,750 to have the case settled.

Shoulder Injury ($272,000):

Our client was delivering refreshments, when a reckless Domino’s Delivery Driver nearly ran our client over. Reacting to the driver’s car, our client stepped back, smashing her right shoulder into a metal guard. The impact resulted in an injury to our client’s shoulder. Domino’s initially would not accept any responsibility, and faulted our client for standing in a dangerous, invisible location. Initially, Domino’s would not even agree to pay our client $99,999. After finding witness, and uncovering a video depicting the incident, Domino’s still continued to dispute responsibility. We worked to prove our case and represent our client’s rights. Our client was a hard working person who did not deserve to be bullied by Domino’s. Parisima took the deposition of different Domino’s employees including the Domino’s owner, driver, and other employees, treating doctors, and experts establishing liability and damages. This was a huge victory at the end for our client.

False Arrest and False Imprisonment ($150,000):

Our client was mistaken for an assailant with a similar name by the San Diego Police Dept. Due to hasty and careless police work, our innocent client was arrested and jailed for several days, until it was proven to the district attorney and court his arrest was in error. Because the City refused to take responsibility for the actions of its officers, we filed suit and obtained a swift and favorable settlement for our client without the need for trial. We recovered $150,000 in a short period of time due to our attention to details.

Dental Malpractice ($120,000):

Our client underwent orthodontic care for an impacted tooth. As a result of orthodontic care, and failure of the dentist/orthodontist to properly monitor and treat the patient, our client suffered irreversible root damage likely requiring future dental implants and additional orthodontic treatment. Liability in this case was intensely disputed. However, through experts, depositions, and extensive research on the appropriate standard of care we were able to prove the orthodontist violated basic safety rules intended to prevent this type of harm.

Trip and Fall Injury ($98,000):

Our client and her husband were talking a stroll in the City of San Diego, when our client tripped and fell on the City Sidewalks. The sidewalk was raised, cracked and camouflaged with the fallen leaves of nearby trees. Residents in the area had complained to the City to fix the sidewalk, and each time the City would patch the sidewalk, but never fix it. Until our client fell and broke her nose resulting in need for medical care. We filed a suit against the City of San Diego and were able to establish not only the City had notice of the sidewalk’s dangerous condition, the City had plenty of opportunity and time to fix the sidewalk. As a condition of the settlement, we required the City to fix and replace the broken, cracked
sidewalk. Today, the City has replaced the entire sidewalk making the area a safer place for the whole community.