A year ago, I suffered a very serious injury that is a complex lawsuit. There were serious building code violations at a commercial property where I fell.

I fell very hard on concrete and my right humeral (my right shoulder) was crushed. This required an emergency surgery at Scripps La Jolla and several months of rehabilitation. To make a long story short, the injury was so severe that I now require a complete shoulder replacement surgery and subsequent shoulder surgeries each 10 years of my life going forward (I am 52 years old).

Parisima has been integral in taking a lead position in getting my lawsuit in order (the results are pending).

From the start, she has outlined the mechanics and strategies of my lawsuit. As a neophyte regarding personal injury cases, I have always had a clear idea of the direction of my case. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding. Her communication skills and responsiveness to my concerns are equally outstanding.

From an overall personal standpoint, I enjoy all of our interactions and have complete confidence and trust. I have always felt that I have been treated exceedingly well and that Parisima has shown great interest in both my case and me as a person.

While the trauma of my injury has been very difficult to deal with, the direction of my lawsuit has been clear and transparent (not stressful!).

I hope I do not have another traumatic injury that requires legal pursuit in my lifetime. But if I do, Parisima is the person I would call. I would also highly recommend her to anyone I know that requires legal assistance.

If anyone is reading this note and you need a personal injury lawyer, I suggest you contact Parisima – you will be glad that you did.