It was a rather complicated case due to the fact the other party was driving a government insured vehicle. With a personal injury case like that, I could not have done it myself. Ms. Roshanzamir’s expertise in the field was really superb. I appreciated her prompt responses and articulate communication every step of the process. Ms. Roshanzamir is a true professional legal expert.


Parisma your experience, knowledge, expertise and good advise made the this case a great experience. Thank you so much for handling everything in a timely matter. Keep up the good work.


Parisima made extra effort to be knowledgeable of the specific circumstances and facts surrounding our case and the follow-up to keep us updated was impressive.


Thank you once again Parisima!
You are a SHEPARD to this entire case. Your work was strong, fast, and completely caring. You made feel confidence and the outcome was, as always, on time. Parisima is amazing. Thank you once again.

-James C.

It isn’t everyday you run into people that care. That truly care. People that have a vested interest in you. Ms. Parisima is truly an advocate that will patiently and professionally fight for you, regardless of what you are going through. I am blessed to have come across her desk and I am truly looking forward utilizing my settlement to recover some of that lost time. Thank you so much for your consistent hard work and may you be blessed Ms. Roshanzamir with continued success in your business.


My case was a difficult one. There were a lot of legal hoops we had to jump through but Parisima was aggressive and was able to obtain the full amount that we asked for in a short time. An auto accident can be a scary, tragic situation but Parisima was sympathetic and provided peace of mind during a stressful time. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with an auto insurance claim, no matter how difficult the situation.


Parisima worked on my personal injury case. She was very knowledgeable, forthcoming, and went out of her way to keep me updated with the happenings of my case. I was always able to reach her for questions or anything else I needed. I highly recommend Parisima and have recommended her to a few people already.


I Highly recommend Parisima to anyone that is truly looking for caring compassion honesty and a great attitude. My Son was in a very serious accident and I was in shock upset and scared. The patience and understanding, driving to meet me for the first time at the hospital was very impressive. I appreciate and respect Parisima work ethic values and morals.


We had the chance of working with Ms. Roshanzamir on a case involving our 5-year old son. She was very compassionate, helpful, and knowledgeable. It is rare to see a lawyer who really cares. She was part of our legal team that was the best legal group n San Diego. I highly recommend her.


A year ago, I suffered a very serious injury that is a complex lawsuit. There were serious building code violations at a commercial property where I fell.

I fell very hard on concrete and my right humeral (my right shoulder) was crushed. This required an emergency surgery at Scripps La Jolla and several months of rehabilitation. To make a long story short, the injury was so severe that I now require a complete shoulder replacement surgery and subsequent shoulder surgeries each 10 years of my life going forward (I am 52 years old).

Parisima has been integral in taking a lead position in getting my lawsuit in order (the results are pending).

From the start, she has outlined the mechanics and strategies of my lawsuit. As a neophyte regarding personal injury cases, I have always had a clear idea of the direction of my case. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding. Her communication skills and responsiveness to my concerns are equally outstanding.

From an overall personal standpoint, I enjoy all of our interactions and have complete confidence and trust. I have always felt that I have been treated exceedingly well and that Parisima has shown great interest in both my case and me as a person.

While the trauma of my injury has been very difficult to deal with, the direction of my lawsuit has been clear and transparent (not stressful!).

I hope I do not have another traumatic injury that requires legal pursuit in my lifetime. But if I do, Parisima is the person I would call. I would also highly recommend her to anyone I know that requires legal assistance.

If anyone is reading this note and you need a personal injury lawyer, I suggest you contact Parisima – you will be glad that you did.


Parisima Roshanzamir is a hard working young woman. Parisima became my lawyer on Febuary 15th 2015 after I was a victim of a hit and run with injury-motorcycle accident. Parisima came to the hospital I was in and explained the the process of having a lawyer to handle this legal matter. Parisima has keep me informed about my case and has showed me that she is aggressive and wants what is best for me.


The review asks if this was a consultation or hired. In my standpoint, I was actually struggling to find an attorney and had to find my way to get help, so I looked up an attorney to help with a case by doing Google searches for help. After stumbling upon a website where I can possibly get consulted with an attorney if I wrote a little explanation of my car accident, The Roshanzamir Law Firm contacted me and reassured that they would take over my case and help fight it. If I had not gotten help from the law firm, I would have been struck with loads of medical bills and harassment from the at-faults insurance company, which really happened. I was asked to pay for the vehicle damage by mail, which was so wrong for them to do because the police report had 9 out 10 witnesses, including the at-faults false report claiming I drove in front of him, stating speed limit issues about the other driver. The Roshanzamir Law Firm got me to see doctors since I had no health insurance, which was a major help because the expenses were beyond what I could afford out of pocket. Their reassurance to save my case, get me seeing a doctor, and helping someone like myself from a major car accident not only changed my life, but shows that Roshanzamir Law Firm cared and kept contact for the half year it took for the case to close.



Video Testimonials


“I was being pressured by the insurance company to settle… Parisima was integral in the outcome of my case.”


“They make you feel like family, and they help you through everything…. They are always there for you no matter what.”



“I don’t think that there is anyone better, I don’t think there is anyone more personable.”