What Is A Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)? How Can It Happen?

The brain is one of the largest most intricate parts of the human body. It’s evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to give you the capability to read this while you drink your coffee. It controls the way you breathe, the way you love, the way you react, and of course the way you think. But what happens to a person when a brain injury takes place? In this piece and some of the pieces to follow we will look at what a brain injury is, how it can affect a person, how to avoid them, and how to get financial compensation for personal injuries that lead to brain injuries.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

The CDC defines a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating head injury. Those most at risk include children and the elderly. Children are at risk often in youth sports and school activities

How can a traumatic brain injury happen?

Traumatic brain injuries can happen to anybody at any time. But engaging in risky behavior can increase your chances of becoming injured. TBIs occur often in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports, falls, and blows to the head. In other words, a concussion is a brain injury. Some injuries last a few days or weeks, and unfortunately sometimes the symptoms do not resolve.

The cranium can usually take small blows to the head and protect your brain. But, when an impact is too hard or if an object penetrates the skull, the brain can take some serious damage!

This damage can lead to many cognitive deficits that may be entitled to financial compensation if somebody else causes the injury.

How can a brain injury affect somebody?

There are an infinite amount of ways that a brain injury can affect somebody. We tend to think of brain injuries causing amnesia. But, the reality of brain injuries is that they can cause emotional damage, personality altercations, behavioral changes, persistent headaches, migraines, loss of focus/concentration, difficulty with comprehension, speech, memory, paralysis, slurred speech, and even death.

In reality, no two TBIs are alike – the symptoms and intensity are different in different people. According to the CDC a TBI may lead to a wide range of short- or long-term issues affecting, for example:

  1. Cognitive Function (i.e., attention and memory)
  2. Motor function (extremity weakness, impaired coordination and balance)
  3. Sensation (hearing, vision, impaired perception and touch)
  4. Behavior (emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, aggression, impairments in behavioral control, personality changes)
  5. Anxiety, and depression
  6. Erratic behavior and lack of judgement
  7. Insomnia; difficulty sleeping

What can be done about a traumatic brain injury?

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Brain injuries are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. The fact that the brain is covered and protected by the cranium makes it hard for medical professionals to look at it directly. Instead, they have to rely on the technology at hand to diagnose and treat. Sometimes the impact a TBI has is subtle, and only noticeable by the injured person. Other times, the symptoms may be pronounced. TBI victims often report that they “do not feel like themselves” or “feel foggy, and unfocused…”

It can be very hard for family members to accept and move forward after a loved one is the victim of a traumatic brain injury, but by setting realistic expectations with medical professionals and ensuring your legal rights are protected, families can get the treatment and therapy needed, and hopefully recover in peace.

How much does an average brain injury cost?

Depending on the severity of the brain injury, cost of hospitalization, and cost of therapy, the financial loss of a TBI victim can vary. But, lifetime costs of a patient’s treatment for a traumatic brain injury are significant due to the specialized care and therapy required.

How can I recover for my brain injury and the financial hardship that I may need to face?

If you were injured as a result of the acts, or failure to act, of another in many cases you can recover compensation for a TBI. You need a good team of advocates who are experienced in this area and willing to fight on your behalf. There are a number of firms and experienced lawyers that can help but here are our top two picks: Jassim law and Roshanzamir Law (“RLF”). They have a hands on approach to every case and you can contact them directly to discuss the facts and circumstances regarding your injury, or the injury of a loved one. They have the experience and the track record to recover full compensation. All consultations are free and there is no fee unless they win. Call them at (619)630-2680 or visit their sites at with a simple click: Jassim Law or Roshanzamir Law.

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